VANSON Set of 3 Single Coil Pickup Covers (Mint Green) for Vintage Strats, 50mm or 52mm Pole Spacing

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Set of 3 VANSON Single Coil Pickup Covers

  • Made from High Grade Plastic
  • Replacement Covers
  • 50mm and 52mm Pole Spacing Options
Please see specification image for exact sizes.

For your information only, but please check your own pole-spacing before buying!

Typical pole-spacing:
  • Wilkinson® Vintage® Brand pickups: Neck - 50mm, Middle - 50mm, Bridge - 52mm
  • USA/Mex Fender® Pickups: Neck - 52mm, Middle - 52mm, Bridge - 52mm
  • Squier® Pickups: (N/M/B) Can be either 50mm/50mm/50mm or 50mm/50mm/52mm

Please Note: This is only a rough guide, as it does depend on the actual model of the guitar within the brand and whether they have stock pickups or custom pickups etc. If in doubt, measure!