VANSON 3 x Brass Compensated Saddles for Fender Telecaster Vintage Guitar Bridge, CMP

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£9.90 GBP

VANSON Set of 3 x Compensated Brass Saddles for Telecaster type guitars

The fastest way to improve your tone on any guitar is at the strings breaking points, ie. the nut, and saddle.

Brass is often saved for brands 'Vintage' spec. instruments as it gives the best all-round tone in terms of balanced highs, mids and lows. We've swapped these for standard Chrome/Zinc saddles on a few Telecasters and the difference is like night and day, they really do add a certain clarity to the tone of the guitar and let the strings resonate and sustain properly. These saddles have a staggered edge to aid intonation which can be an inherent issue on some Telecasters.

  • 3 VANSON Vintage Compensated Brass Saddles, Supplied with Allen (Hex) Key
  • Solid Brass, Staggered Edge to improve Intonation
  • Specifications Set: 2 x type A saddles (E,A,B, e strings) and 1 x type B (D, G strings)
  • String Spacing: 54mm (10.8mm x 5)
  • Screws: Width M3 x Length - 30mm

We also sell 'Straight' Brass Telecaster saddles.

Please Note: Please check your bridge holes will take an M3 screw, approx. 2.85mm