VANSON 3-Ply Black Pearl Premium Quality HSH Scratchplate Pickguard DIRECT FIT for USA, MEX Fender Stratocaster

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VANSON Premium Quality 11 hole HSH cutout for Stratocaster Projects

These are generic Scratchplates to fit Stratocaster Style guitars. Our high quality scratchplates have a Full-Foil Backing to shield your instrument from any electronic interference.

The 11 perimeter screwholes are the same layout as a genuine Fender USA or Mex guitar body (not Korean, Japanese or Chinese), but the Humbucker cut-outs are slightly lower at the Bridge position, by approx 4mm, than a standard Fender Humbucker scratchplate.

Please check your existing routing to see if you have enough space in your cavity, if you are not happy to do any extra routing. Returns welcome for item cost refund, if you are not able to check when purchasing, and protective film is still intact and in good condition.

  • 11 hole HSH cutout for Stratocaster Projects 
  • Humbucker / Single / Humbucker - pickup configuration
  • 3 ply (2.4mm), 1 ply (2.4mm)
  • Full-Foil Backing 
  • Protective Film Covering
Please Note: Our pickup cut-outs have one screw hole each side for mounting a standard humbucker, some Fender humbuckers have 2 on the left, and 1 on the right. Cut-outs suitable for open coil humbuckers, some adjustment will be required if using covered Humbuckers, EMG's etc..