VANSON 3-Ply Vintage White Premium Quality TC4 Scratchplate Pickguard DIRECT FIT for Fender USA MEX Telecaster

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VANSON Premium Quality Replacement Scratchplates.

These are 8 hole scratchplates which are common on the vast majority of modern Fender USA & Mexican Telecaster guitars. They will fit Genuine Fender USA Teles that were built from the year 1959 right up to the present day, and genuine Fender Mexican Teles built between 2002 and the present day, without you having to re-cut the pickguard or re-drill new holes in your body, as you'd have to on other generic size import parts.

These scratchplates DO NOT have the 2 holes next to the pickup cavity to adjust the height of the neck pickup without removing the scratchplate, these are for more of the vintage look, and the pickup is directly mounted into the body cavity. Without top-mounting neck pickup screw-holes, and standard 32mm wide Control-Plate cut-out.

  • Direct fit for 8 hole 'Standard' USA & Mexican Telecasters
  • 3 ply (2.4mm), 1 ply (2.4mm)
  • Film Covering

Please Note: These scratchplates will not fit an imported Fender guitar that was manufactured in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, or pre-2002 Mexico. These will also not fit Squier guitars.