VANSON Black ABR1 Saddle / Bridge for Gibson Les Paul SG ES Dot Gretsch Guitars

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VANSON 'ABR1' Bridge.

Precision engineered, with high quality plating you get a lot more for your money than the price-point infers. To avoid the problematic rattle of the 70's retaining wire versions, these have a High-stability 'E' ring, which performs brilliantly. 

  • Supplied with 4mm Posts & Allen (Hex) Key
  • Precision Engineered with High Quality Plating
  • High-Stability 'E' ring
  • 4.2mm Post Holes to Drop over 4mm Posts

Please Note:

  • For New Builds see our Epiphone listing, as they include Stud Body Inserts.
  • If you own an Epiphone made Les Paul, SG, ES etc. with larger 6mm posts then please see our Metric 'Import' spec bridges.
Also, on US Spec guitars, please check you do not have a Nashville style post set-up where the base of the post is wider than the top. These posts are the same diameter all the way down.