VANSON 6 x Nickel Conversion Bushings, Vintage Guitar Tuners / Machine Heads 10.8mm to 6.2mm Reducer

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6 x VANSON Conversion Bushings (Push-Fit)

Our machine head bushings are made from Brass, which is then Chromed, (unlike some cheaper plastic alternatives on the market). Suitable for any guitar with approx 10mm diameter peghead holes, to fit a tuner with a 6mm shaft. (ie. a modern neck with vintage style tuners). 

Tip: As wood shrinks over time it's always best to have a nice tight fit with your tuners bushings. A lot of luthiers will use a protected G-clamp to press these in so that there's equal pressure on both sides of the headstock as they're being inserted, rather than running the risk of damaging your headstock by tapping them in from the front. Please make sure your peghead hole is large enough, and run a 10mm drill bit inside to enlarge if need be, as the actual diameter (including the teeth) is 10.8mm. Thought I'd mention, as you don't want them so loose that you can push them in with your little finger but also you don't want to damage your guitar either by using too much force. If you're unsure about anything then do ask a guitar tech.

  • Set of 6 Push Fit Conversion Bushes (10.8mm to 6.2mm Reducer)
  • Plated Solid Brass
  • Ideal for Guitars with Approx 10mm Diameter Peghead Holes
  • Suitable for Tuners with a 6mm Shaft. (i.e. a modern neck with Vintage Style Machine Heads)