VANSON AlNiCo V Ivory/Cream P90 Dog Ear DE90 Single Coil Neck Pickup

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VANSON AlNiCo V Dog Ear P90 Single Coil Pickup

Utilising high grade Alnico V magnets really lets our Dog Ear P90's bite. If you're looking for a vintage bark from your hollowbody, LP Jnr, or similar P90 equipped solid-body, this one will pull you around the park! They have a moderate output to let your guitars natural tone shine through, allowing you to crank the Master Volume into overdrive, without the feedback problems caused by some ceramic magnet pickups. 

The VANSON Alnico V P90 is also brass-backed and wax potted to help eliminate microphonic feedback. Perfect for both Clean Jazz and Dirty Vintage Blues/Rock. A professional grade pickup at a realistic price-point! 

  • Includes Screws & Springs
  • High Quality Alnico V Magnets
  • Perfect for Clean Jazz & Dirty Vintage Blues/Rock
  • Brass-backed & Wax-potted to help Eliminate Microphonic Feedback
  • Distance Between Screw Holes - 96.5mm
  • Resistances/Output - Neck: 7.4k (+/- 10%) 
  • Polespacing - Neck: 47mm