VANSON V07SP LOCKING Black (4-a-side) Tuners / Machine Heads for for 8 String Electric Guitars

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8 x VANSON Locking Flat-Sided Tuners (4L + 4R)

This listing is for a 4 Left + 4 Right, where your guitar has 4 tuners on each side of the headstock. Please see our other listings for 6 and 7 string guitars, by clicking the links on the left.

Designed for your Strat® or Tele® type guitar, or any project that deserves a set of high quality machine heads. They have a sealed housing, a 45 degree fixing tag, & a 19:1 gear ratio, which means you can tune your guitar with much more precision than with typical lower quality parts that come as standard on low to mid-price guitars. 

  • Locking Flat-Sided Tuners
  • Supplied with colour matched bushings, washers & screws
  • 19:1 gear ratio for excellent tuning accuracy
  • 45 degree fixing tag, and sealed housing
  • To fit guitars with 10mm headstock holes
  • Maximum string gauge 0.69