Wilkinson WBBC Chrome Vintage 4 String Bass Bridge, Brass Saddles for Fender Jazz, Precision Guitars

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Wilkinson WBBC 'Brass Saddle' Bass Bridge (includes 5 x Screws & Allen Key)

These brilliant Bass bridges from Wilkinson offer a lot of performance from their simple design. Increased intonation, and a lovely resonance from their Brass saddles. Perfect for your custom build, or upgrade. Strings are top-loaded Wilkinson Particulars: This bass guitar bridge is a perfect example of the saying, "less is more". Authentic barrel-style brass saddles mounted on the correct gauge bent steel base-plate creates the perfect reproduction vintage bass bridge, as fitted to the original instruments. Whether you are looking to replace your existing bridge or creating a handmade custom instrument, this should be your first choice for "classic tone".

  • Great replacement for 4 string Fender Bass bridges with 5 mounting holes.
  • Steel Base-Plate & Authentic Barrel-Style Brass Saddles Deliver a 'Classic Tone'
  • Screw-hole spacing from Centre Left to Centre Right is approx. 70mm.
  • String spacing: 19mm.
  • All products are shipped OEM and your items will be sent as pictured, & shipped in protective packaging.