Wilkinson M-Series WOHS 'HOT' Ivory Single Coil Pickup Set for Stratocaster Guitars (SET, Ivory)

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Wilkinson M-series WOHS Pickup SET.

  • Wilkinson M-Series, featuring Non-Staggered, Flat Pole-Pieces (Screw & Springs Included).
  • Low-gauss, High Quality Pickup, Rich in Harmonics and Natural Sustain.
  • Pole-spacing: Bridge: 52mm, Middle: 50mm, Neck: 50mm
  • Approx. Resistances; Bridge: 6.4k, Middle: 6.0k, Neck: 6.0k (+/- 10%)

You might know that Ceramic/Ferrite magnet single coils sometimes get a little bad press, mainly because you often find poor examples of them in cheap import guitars. However, those who have experienced high-quality versions know they can truly be a hidden gem. Drawing from a lifetime of research, and decades of building and designing instruments, at all levels, Trevor Wilkinson’s latest series use these under-rated magnets to their full potential. By matching the magnetic field with the correct number of coil turns he has produced a low-gauss, high quality pickup. Removing the unwanted brittle highs, whilst retaining their inherent glassy, punchy clean sounds allows you to dial in superb classic Strat * tones, with a beautifully thick distortion on tap when the amp’s gain is brought in.

Featuring non-staggered, flat pole-pieces, they are ideal if you use effects pedals, providing rich harmonics and plenty of natural sustain. The middle pickup is reverse wound and reverse polarity, so that it cancels the hum as a 'humbucker' would when playing in position 2 & 4 on a traditional 5 way set-up, with 3 single coil pickups.

These pickups work especially well for achieving superb tones at lower volumes without having to drive your amp’s master volume to unsociable or tinnitus inducing levels, so they’re an excellent choice for home practice or studio recording. Yet again, another brilliant line-up offering great tone without the great price tag! 

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