Wilkinson M-Series WOPB Bass Humbucker Pickup for PB type guitars, Precision

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Wilkinson M-Series WOPB Bass Pickup.

  • Proprietary "Vari-gauss" Technology
  • Vintage-Voiced and Classically Styled Authentic 'PB'-Type Bass Pickups
  • Supplied with Screws & Springs.
  • Approx Resistance: 8.50k

The most widely used style of bass pickup ever. Designed by Leo Fender himself for use in what has become the most "Iconic" bass of all time.

Drawing on a lifetime of research and decades spent designing and building instruments, at all levels, Trevor Wilkinson's M-series pickups have now taken this classic to a new level with the use of their proprietary "Vari-gauss" Technology. The bass frequencies from these high quality Ceramic/Ferrite magnets keep their deep growl whilst the treble sounds are smoother yet still defined. This will make your PB type Bass cut through the mix and stand out from the crowd.

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