Wilkinson Premium Range WPB AlNiCo V Bass Pickups for 'PB' type Guitars, Precision Bass

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Wilkinson Premium Range WPB Bass Pickup

These premium range pickups from Wilkinson use Alnico V Polepiece magnets for greater note expression and clarity. They offer a warm, vintage tone that you would expect from a high-end instrument. Other prime features include; Plain Enamel Wire; Fibre Bobbin, & Distinctive Chrome Logo.

Providing classic 'hum-cancelling' tones, with a warm, well rounded sound, the Alnico V Polepiece magnets give you a more effective response while allowing your guitar’s organic sound to ring through. The price-point, as ever, with many of Wilkinson’s vast range of guitar parts should not be taken as indication of the quality! 

  • Passive Guitar Pickup
  • Alnico V Polepiece Magnets
  • Fibre-board Bobbin
  • Supplied with Screws & Springs
  • Plain Enamel Wire (waxed cloth covered)
  • Distinctive Chrome Logo
  • Resistance: Approx. 8.6k (Neck: 8.3k Output Bridge: 8.3k)

All products are shipped OEM and your items will be sent as pictured, & shipped in protective packaging.