VANSON 1-Ply Matt Black Premium Quality EXTRA LARGE 435 x 290 mm Scratchplate / Pickguard Material for Electric Guitars

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£15.90 GBP

VANSON Premium Quality Scratchplate Material

Size: 435 x 290 mm

These fantastic parts are perfect for that special 'Custom' project

  • Standard Thickness: Approx 2.4mm
  • Protective Film Covering
  • Large enough for; 2 x Stratocaster Scratchplates, or 2 x Telecaster Scratchplates, or 1 x Precision Bass etc.

Please Note: 1ply is a 3ply equivalent, i.e.. all the same colour, so you get the same thickness of a regular 3ply and it looks like a 1ply when cut.