VANSON 72mm Compensated Bone Saddle for Acoustic Guitars AS1

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£5.90 GBP

VANSON 72mm Compensated Bone Saddle for Acoustic guitars.

The easiest and cheapest way to improve the tone on your instrument is to start with the strings breaking points, i.e. the nut and the saddle. The compensated saddle essentially changes the scale length of your B string to correct the intonation that is an inherent problem with standard tuning on all acoustic guitars.

Bone is renowned to be the best material to retain your guitars natural tone, allowing for a better attack and greater sustain. Master luthiers, and professional musicians swear by it, and you 'll notice it's saved for brands' Custom Shop and Deluxe models, even though it's cheap enough for them to put it on all their guitars.

Our nuts and saddles are a high quality dense bone, precision cut and polished.

  • Saddle Dimensions: Length 72mm x 3mm
  • Height: Left 8mm - Middle - 8.5mm - Right 7mm
  • String Spacing - (Low E to High e): 34.5mm