VANSON Chrome 7 String Stop Bar / Tailpiece for Epiphone Les Paul Schecter ESP

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£11.90 GBP

VANSON 7 String Stop Bar for Import Spec Guitars.

Precision engineered, with high quality plating you get a lot more for your money than the price-point infers. To avoid the problematic rattle of the 70's retaining wire versions, these have a High-stability 'E' ring, which performs brilliantly. 

This model has 6.3mm post holes to drop over 6mm posts, typically found on Epiphone guitars and many other similar import guitar brands. They are also supplied with posts and bushings for a new build, but they'll drop straight on to your existing 6mm posts if you have already have a standard T-O-Matic style bridge installed.

  • Supplied with Posts and Bushings
  • 6.3mm Post Holes to Drop over 6mm Posts
  • Precision Engineered with High Quality Plating
  • High-Stability 'E' ring

Dimensions (please check against your own guitar before buying):

Stop Bar: Length 110.5mm x Width 17mm, Distance between posts 92.3mm, String Spacing 10.5mm.