VANSON Chrome Stop Bar / Tailpiece for Epiphone Les Paul, SG, ES Dot Guitars

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£10.70 GBP

VANSON Stop-Bar Tailpiece includes Anchor Posts and Studs.

Precision engineered to a high quality, you get a lot more for your money than the price-point infers. 

If you're going to ensure you get a lot of the extra sustain associated with this style of bridge and tailpiece, you need to make sure it's got some weight to it. Ours weigh in at around 122 grams, including the anchors and studs, and have a high quality plating to ensure you get as much string vibration transferred into your guitar's body as possible. They have a 12" radius to match the vast majority of Epiphone® LP®, SG® and ES® guitars out there. Perfect for your new build or upgrade! 

  • Stop-Bar Tailpiece includes Anchor Posts and Studs
  • Precision Engineered with High Quality Plating
  • Weight: Approx. 122 grams (including anchor & studs)
  • 12" radius to match the vast majority of Epiphone LP, SG and ES guitars
  • Matching Bridge Available
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