VANSON 'Classic Pro' Alnico V Ivory/Cream Single Coil Middle Pickup for Stratocaster Guitars

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£15.90 GBP

VANSON 'Classic Pro' Alnico V Pickup

Introducing the VANSON 'Classic Pro' Alnico V Single Coil pickup. A marginally hotter wind than our 'Vintage Pro' series, with non-staggered Alnico V Polepieces. Perfect for anyone who wants that authentic vintage tone & also likes to use a few pedals.

Utilising an AlNiCo magnet will always produce a more open and dynamic tone, than can be found with typical ceramic magnets. Our AlNiCo V polepiece rods will deliver a warmth & transparency of tone that will bring your guitar to life, and allow your playing to be more expressive. Matched with a good quality amp you'll be able to end your search for that classic tone. Perfect for your upgrade or custom build.

  • VANSON 'Classic Pro' Alnico V Pickups (includes Springs & Screws)
  • Magnet: AlNiCo V Polepieces • Resistances: Middle: 6.3k ( +/- 10%)
  • Pole-spacing: 52mm Wax-potted
  • Chamfered Non-Staggered Polepieces
  • Waxed Cloth Conductor Cable
  • Fibre-board Bobbin
  • Middle Pickup: RWRP for hum-cancelling in-between positions.