VANSON Set of Curved Base Mounting Rings & Screws for Epiphone Les Paul, ES Humbucker Surround

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£7.90 GBP
VANSON Humbucker Mounting Ring & Screw Set - Curved Base Edge to Fit Carved-Top Guitars
  • Includes Neck & Bridge Mounting Rings, 4 x Roundhead Height Screws &  Springs, 8 x Countersunk Mounting Ring Screws
  • Ideal Replacement for Epiphone Les Paul, and ES Type Guitars

    Set of high quality plastic pickup Mounting Rings:

    • Outer Dimensions - Length: 91mm, Width: 45mm, Height: (Neck) 4-5mm (Bridge) 9-10mm.
    • Inner Dimensions - Length: 70mm, Width: 39mm.
    • Screw Hole Spacing - Left to Right: 83.5mm, Top to Bottom: 37mm.
    • Distance between pickup mounting screw holes: 78mm.

     4 x Roundhead Height Screws for general humbucker mounting:

    • Size: 3mm diameter shaft x 27mm length (tip to base of head);
    • Head diameter is 5mm.

     4 x Humbucker Springs.

     8 x Countersunk Mounting Ring Screws:

    • Size: 2.5mm diameter shaft x 15mm length (tip to base of head);
    • Head diameter is 5mm. 

    Please Note: Height screws are metric (mm) and so will not be suitable for US-made Imperial spec (") pickups.