VANSON 'Rockatron' Alnico V Chrome Humbucker Bridge Pickup for Gibson, Epiphone

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£18.90 GBP

Vanson 'Rockatron' AlNiCo V Humbucker

A superb Rock and Roll style pickup, offering moderate output for improved clarity and warmth, allowing you to drive your amp into it's natural overdrive. With more treble and bass, but less mids, than the Alnico II version for a tighter response for raucous Rockabilly, R'n'R, Hot Blues and Rock. 

Utilising an AlNiCo magnet will always produce a more open and dynamic tone, than can be found with typical ceramic magnets. Our AlNiCo V magnets will help you find greater transparency to your crunch tones, that can be hard to achieve with higher output pickups. 

An authentic vintage spec humbucker with a quality of tone you’d expect to hear on Custom Shop instruments, but at a realistic price-point. Perfect for your upgrade or custom build project.

  • Includes Mounting Rings (Curved-Base), plus Height Screws & Springs
  •  AlNiCo V Magnet
  • Resistance: Bridge 8.20k ( +/- 10%),  
  • Brass-backed & Wax-potted to prevent Microphonic Feedback
  • 4 wires for coil-split, or can be installed as a regular 2-wire humbucker
  • Wiring colours included.

Please Note: Mounting rings included do not fit Gibson USA guitars, although the humbuckers themselves are a standard size