VANSON Vintage 50's AlNiCo V Chrome Neck & Bridge Pickup Set for Fender Telecaster Guitars, (VCA)

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£34.90 GBP

VANSON 'Vintage 50' AlNiCo V Telecaster Pickup

Let's face it, if you read all the advertising hoodoo from well-known Branded pickup manufacturers they'll make you think that you need to spend upwards of £60 or even £100 to get a truly 'Authentic' Telecaster tone. We like to think that if you get the basics right on a good Telecaster pickup you'll be about a third of the way there, but a lot of your tone will also come from having a decent Tweed-type valve amp, and the rest is up to your fingers. Have you noticed how the great players sound good on any instrument? So our philosophy is, do get yourself a decent set of pickups, but you'll not find any 'Magic' by breaking the bank. Put the rest towards a good amp, some lessons, or a gig ticket for some inspiration.

With that in mind we've come up with our VANSON 'Vintage 50' Telecaster Pickups. They are balanced the old way, and so have a higher resistance on the Neck because of the nature of the 2 different pickup types (geometry, covers, typical height, steel bridge etc). Essentially they sound right when you use your ears as opposed to judging everything by its resistance value, which is futile (but that's another story). Utilising Alnico V polepieces, they'll offer up all the twang and shimmer you'll need for a vintage tone, ...enough said.

So, hopefully you'll agree with us when you try them and realise that you don't need to pay the earth for great tone.

  • Supplied with Screws & Springs
  • High Quality AlNiCo V Magnet
  • Brass-backed
  • Approx. Resistances: Bridge 6.0k, Neck 6.5k (+/-5%) 
  • Alnico V polepieces for a Vintage Tone