VANSON Vintage 50's AlNiCo V Gold Neck Pickup for Fender Telecaster Guitars, (VCA)

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£21.90 GBP

VANSON 'Vintage 50' AlNiCo V Telecaster Pickup

These are balanced the old way, and so have a higher resistance on the Neck because of the nature of the 2 different pickup types (geometry, covers, typical height, steel bridge etc). Essentially they sound right when you use your ears as opposed to judging everything by its resistance value. Utilising Alnico V polepieces, they'll offer up all the twang and shimmer you'll need for a vintage tone.

Hopefully you'll agree with us when you try them and realise that you don't need to pay the earth for great tone.

  • Supplied with Screws & Springs
  • High Quality AlNiCo V Magnet
  • Brass-backed
  • Approx. Resistances: Neck 6.5k (+/- 5%) 
  • Alnico V Polepieces for a Vintage Tone