Wilkinson M-Series WOJB5 Bass Neck Pickup for 5 string 'JB' guitars, Jazz, (Neck)

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£20.90 GBP
Wilkinson M-Series WOJB5 for 5 string 'JB' Neck Bass Pickup 
  • Wilkinson M-Series Jazz Bass-type Pickup
  • Supplied with Screws & Springs
  • Proprietary "Vari-gauss" Technology
  • Approx Resistance: 9.40k (Neck), 10.4k (Bridge)
  • 5 String
“Leo Fender was a great fan of the ‘ceramic magnet’. After years and years of working with Alnico magnets Leo discovered the excellent properties of what some perceive as a cheap alternative to Aluminium, Cobalt, and Nickel (Alnico). How do I know this? Quite simple, he told me!! Expanding on his technology sharing personality has allowed me to design and build very economical, great sounding pickups, for both guitar and bass. However, I have to say that the bass side really lends itself to the ‘Wonders of Ceramic Magnets!’ Don’t consider these as just inexpensive pickups, no they don’t cost extortionate amounts of money, but they definitely sound just as expensive.” Trevor Wilkinson.

The sound of these versatile pickups has been heard for decades, from legendary musicians across many styles of music. Trevor Wilkinson's M-series pickups have now taken this classic to a new level with the use of their proprietary "Vari-gauss" Technology. The bass frequencies from the high quality ceramic/ferrite magnets retain their deep lows, whilst the rich treble sounds are smooth and defined. 

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