Wilkinson WMHR Gold AlNiCo V P90 Mini Humbucker Pickup (Black Ring, Gold)

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£26.90 GBP

Wilkinson WMHR AlNiCo V Mini-Humbucker.

These high specification pickups are from one of Wilkinsons' premium ranges. Suitable for both 'Neck' & 'Bridge' positions Wilkinsons mini-humbucker has a sound all of it's own. Tonally, it's a cross between a punchy single coil and a warm humbucker, having a tighter and brighter more defined output. To balance the brightness, the lower mids & bass are smooth and full. They really are a great choice for a P90 replacement if you're looking for a new sound.

The price-point, as ever, disguises the true quality of these superb professional level pickups. 

  • Suitable for Both 'Neck' & 'Bridge' Positions (Includes Pickup, P90 Sized Mounting Ring, Screws & Springs)
  • Alnico V Magnet, Resistance - approx 6.7k
  • Pickup Dimensions (not including P90 Surround): Pickup Height (including legs) - 18mm, Length - 68mm, Width - 28mm, Distance Between Centre Holes - 75mm
  • P90 Surround Dimensions: Length - 85mm, Width - 34mm, Depth - 16mm

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